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TIMOTI KONDWE 14 October 2021

Yes it is good to be vaccinated coz we will be gearing our cells to be alert to fight any virus which enters the body. The drug does not have some side effects. In steady it rejuvinates our system so that we are not easily attacked by a virus


Anonymous 5 October 2021

Vaccinated to make who happy???????????


Tafadzwa 4 October 2021

Nothing man made is 100% but I think we just hv to be vaccinated to make politicians happy since most of them are vaccinated


Anonymous 24 July 2021

That means get vaccinated you are likely to get infected ,since it doesnt provide 100 % protectection


Anonymous 9 July 2021

The vaccine doesn't prevent Corona Virus they say it protect you from getting the virus.I have a question to this What's the use of being vaccinated then. Um still confused please assist me


Jozeman 26 June 2021

The benefit of being vaccinated is that diseases affect. On us get low but my Question is why are they vaccinating us if it is not 100/💯 it seems like they are testing the vaccine on us .


Anonymous 8 March 2021

What is a vaccine.


Dr Ryan Karter VVV 21 February 2021

💉 informative!!


Oliphant 20 February 2021

Thts why they say its never to late too learn new things.

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