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Coping with Stress

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It is normal to feel sad, stressed or overwhelmed during a crisis.

You are Not Alone

Many of your colleagues are likely going through the same experience. This additional pressure may make you feel that you are not doing a good job, but remember to be kind to yourself.

Take care of your basic needs. Ensure you are getting enough rest between shifts and remember to eat. Stay in contact with family and friends and share how you feel with them.

Health Workers and Stigma

Unfortunately, you may experience ostracization by your family or community. This can make a challenging situation even more difficult. Stay connected with your loved ones through digital methods and use your colleagues to talk about shared experiences.

Chronic Stress and Your Body

If your stress worsens, you are not to blame. Everyone experiences stress and copes with it differently. Ongoing stress can affect your personal life and your day job. You may feel changes such as:

If you are feeling chronic stress it can affect your work. If you are overwhelmed approach your lead or the appropriate person to ensure you are provided with support.


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