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Back to school

Back to School!

UNICEF is calling for schools to be among the first public spaces to reopen.

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Children and schools are not the main drivers of the epidemic across countries; and there is no known evidence of the correlation between the rate of disease transmission and whether or not schools remain open or closed. But evidence on the negative impacts of school closures is overwhelming, with long-term implications for children’s learning, safety, health and wellbeing.

We recognize that the pandemic is impacting countries and local communities differently and the global situation is evolving rapidly. Decisions on when to open schools must be made in the best interests of children. Countries must look at the impact on children not able to access learning as well as through a public health, socio-economic and protection lens. We know that the longer children stay out of school, the more exposed they are to dangers. This is especially true for children who are already vulnerable. We are calling for schools to be among the first services to open when the appropriate safety measures are put into place.

In Zimbabwe, the Government is working towards the phased re-openings of schools. Initial re-opening dates have been deferred for now until it is deemed safe for schools to re-open.

There are several steps that need to be undertaken before re-opening:

When school re-opens, all prevention measures should be practiced:

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