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Receiving messages about winning money?


I received a message from someone telling me I have won money or a prize - what should I do?

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Herry love is impatient😘😍 21 November 2020



Kuk44 👑👑( The poet) ( I will forever live in the world of wonder, For I am ever happy, I in the wonderful world of love) 24 October 2020

🙋🙋 Jason madii


thabo 11 September 2020



robertg.reader. 8 September 2020

I received this email 📧 I'm very sure that us scam ....sharing so if you receive one of these you will be know Hello Dear It is with great joy that i write you this morning, to inform you of my success in getting the fund in a safe hand, through a friend of mine. However, I got a security firm that helped in moving the fund through their diplomatic office in west Africa, and it was from West Africa (DAKAR) that my fund was transferred through the help of the diplomat. I did not forget your effort at all, you made a tremendous assistant to me, though we did not succeeded as a result of strict financial regulations from your country, But i did not forget your huge effort in assisting me, so i order the financial firm to drop an ATM card for you in the bank that aid the transfer. The ATM card contents the sum of $300.000.00(Three Hundred Thousand DOLLARS) please do accept the little token from me. so i want you to contact the Rev Sister now and ask her to post you the ATM card use the below email address to contact her. Rev Joyce Achbon email.. so feel free and get in touched with Rev Joyce Achbon and instruct Her where to send you the money. Please do let me know immediately you receive it, so that we can share our joy after all the sufferings at that time. I am very grateful for your effort. Thanks much.. Yours faithfully Miss Ellen Barney.

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