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Baba and me

Baba and Me

Baba and Me shows how Tariro is proud of her Baba. Her Baba can do almost anything in his wheelchair.

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If I have to choose between Baba and my favourite food, I will choose Baba. Baba is the best friend in the whole world.


After school, I run all the way home for our playtime. Baba always has his arms open to catch me. “I’m going to jump. Get ready to catch me.” I jump right into his arms.


Did you know Baba can play the drum with one hand? We practise our songs every day, because we want to be famous.


“Remember Tariro, the drum goes bang bang bang.” “Now it is your turn.” “Brang, brang, brang.” Baba tells me I am doing very well.


I just love to dance After we have played the drums. “Look at me, Baba. I can jump and wiggle at the same time.” Baba laughs as I wiggle and jump higher and higher.


Sometimes I climb into Baba’s wheelchair and we pretend it is a big fancy car. “Come Baba, we can go around the world. My car goes fast Baba. Weeeeeeeee!”


“What are you drawing?” I try to draw a perfect picture, but I always draw funny people. Baba says that my picture is perfect.


Baba makes funny voices when he reads to me every day. This makes me laugh. Sometimes he uses my voice. “Baba you sound just like me”. We both laugh.

After all the games, I just want to eat. “Baba, will you make my favourite porridge?” Baba makes some porridge with peanut butter.

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We sit outside for the fresh air. He puts a bit in my little hand. Yummy.


If I have to choose between Baba and my favourite food, I will choose Baba all the time.


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