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My Village Life

My Village Life shows the rich beauty of rural life: a large, extended family, storytelling, food, friends and the animals.

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Kukukuu!, kukukuu! The crowing of the cock wakes me up. It’s morning and time to go to school.


My name is Nyasha. I wash my body, clean my teeth, tie my shoes and put on my uniform - all by myself. Our bathroom is outside and I watch the sun rise.


Baba and I walk to school every day. We meet my best friends, Rudo, Thabo and Tendai. We sing funny songs along the way.


Every season we find new fruit on the trees. Today the mangoes are the juiciest. We laugh as the juice drips down our faces.


Today we learnt about beetles that make balls from their dung. We laughed about it.


On our way home from school we have fun. Today we made animals with clay. Rudo’s baboon was the funniest.


I rush home to change my clothes and eat delicious sadza.


I go to fetch my friends - the goats, donkeys and cattle that I have known all my life. That goat with a bell is Pepe.


In the evening, my family and I sit around the fire. We all sing Gogo’s amazing songs and listen to her stories.


As I lie in my bed, I wink at twinkling stars. Often I see shooting stars… I love living in our village.

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