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Runako and Tino

Two Great Friends is a book for you and your child to read together. It is about true friendship, love and acceptance of a child with albinism who is also like any other child.

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My name is Tino. Runako is my best friend. Runako means nice. I think she has the nicest smile in the world.


Sometimes she pushes me high on the swing. I used to be afraid but now I am not.


We love to play outside. Runako and I have a game to see who can hang onto the pole the longest. Which one of us do you think wins?


Sometimes, I wear my right shoe on my left foot. Runako calls it wearing a “banana”. “Look Tino, you have put on a banana again.” We laugh so hard that our eyes become teary and ribs pop out.


Before we go to class we go up and down, up and down on the see-saw. We both like “up” the best.


One day, I ran outside when the bell rang. Oh no, I have my banana shoes on again. I remembered what Runako taught me. But where is Runako?


When I got back from the playground guess who I saw? Runako! She had put a cake on my desk. It was my birthday


Runako gave me a hug and said, “This is your birthday surprise.” Runako’s mum baked me my favourite chocolate cake and she wanted to surprise me.


We sat down, ate the cake and had a great time. It turned out to be a great birthday. But everyday is a great day because Runako is my best friend.


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