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As a teacher or a parent, what can I do to end GBV

As a teacher or a parent, what can I do to end GBV?


Set a good example: Children look up to the adults in their lives and often try to recreate what they see them doing. If you set an example of an adult that believes in gender equality and stands against GBV, chances are they will do this too.

Talk to your children/students about GBV: The more that we talk about GBV, the less stigma is associated with it. Teach your children or students about what GBV is, that it can happen to anyone and that it is never the victim’s fault. Make sure that children know they can come to you if they have any questions or need to report.

Learn to recognise the signs: the more you know, the better equipped you are to recognize the issue and to respond to it. Read more here.

Know how to report: If you or someone you know experiences GBV, call Childline at 116 (toll-free), the Musasa GBV hotline at 08080074, or your local ZRP Victim Friendly Unit.

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