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What is Gender Based Violence (GBV)?


GBV is an umbrella term for any harmful act against a person that is based on the social differences between males and females. It can include physical violence (like hitting), sexual violence (like rape), emotional violence (like verbal bullying), or economic violence (like restricting access to household money). All types of GBV have long-term and serious consequences, such as physical injury and psychological harm.

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Alone in my thoughts. 15 July 2021

The word of God says that woman must submit to their husbands.But nowadays hakusisina zvekuzvininipisa kana kuti kuzviisa pasi pemurume.Nyaya ndeyekuti pamwe mukadzi anenge achienda kubasa murume asingaende.Tikada kushandisa shoko raMwari hazvienderani.The bible says husbands must work for their for their families. Manje nekuda kwekuoma kwakaita zvinhu mazuvano mukadzi nemurume maakutofanirwa kushanda mese because of our economy.Everyone must work.


Empress Lee 3 July 2021

Hy Shockman even if the bible says that...the woman should at least get dome respect


Shockman@Sabotage 19 June 2021

Asi nyaya iyeyi yema 50/50 shoko raMwari rinoti kudie


Self love 16 April 2021

To encourage people especially men not to ingage in drug or alchohol abuse as those substances leads to sum abusi e behaviors when someone's under their influence

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