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what can I do to end GBV

As a young person, what can I do to end GBV?


As a young person, there are many things you can do to fight GBV. These include:

Use your voice to raise awareness: Speak out against gender inequality and talk to your friends about ending GBV

Support survivors: If someone tells you they have experienced GBV, don’t judge them and offer them the support they need. Remember that GBV can happen to anyone.

Learn to recognise the signs: the more you know, the better equipped you are to recognize the issue and to respond to it. Read more here.

Know how to report: If you or someone you know experiences GBV, call Childline at 116 (toll-free), the Musasa GBV hotline at 08080074, or your local ZRP Victim Friendly Unit.

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Precious 17 July 2021

I can use my voice to let people know their rights against GBV


Empress Lee 29 June 2021

I can use my voice to raise awareness


JCM(just by force) 28 November 2020


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