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Why am I bleeding?


Getting your period, also known as menstruation, is natural. It happens approximately every month for 1.8 billion girls and women around the world. Most girls start between the ages of 10 and 15.

Reproductive System

During your period, a small amount of blood comes out of the vagina for around three to seven days. The blood is coming from your womb (uterus). Menstruation is something that happens to all girls when they are in the process of becoming an adult. When you bleed, it means your reproductive organ is now active and that you can become a pregnant (when you have sex). It is always better for the health of mothers and babies to wait until a mother is an adult before having children. Though it can be scary at first and something you will have to manage monthly, it is important to remember that getting your period is a sign that you are healthy and that your body is growing properly.

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Nondu❤bae💖#2008 8 June 2020

Guys Wat's wrong with tampons guy🤷


knoxxyKid 8 June 2020

wat does Tampons do guys help


Anonymous 8 June 2020

True girls don't use tampons use sanitary pads


Mamadee 7 June 2020

Hie girls don't use tampons

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