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Is forced sex common?

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Answer: YES. Unfortunately, adolescents are having unwanted sexual experiences at increasing rates. Any unwanted sex is always wrong. Experiencing forced sex is a terrible ordeal for anyone that comes with potentially long term effects that are hard to predict (both physical and mental). If you know someone who has been forced into unwanted sex, they need your support now more than ever. Listening is a good start. Encourage them to speak to a doctor or nurse so that they can have any necessary medical help. Telling an adult you trust is another positive step to take.

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Venn 16 November 2021

Just have partner you won't regret to be with in future


talent27 27 June 2021

It's very risky because most of these so called "blessers" they are HIV / AIDS positive and they want unprotected sex


DomyMokazy 31 May 2021

Hi Gail. The word says whoever knows that which is good and doesn't do it is guilty. Mind what you say. I encourage you to speak like a descent and shrewd Zimbabwean, ok? I'm just saying, musazoti zvanzi.


Gail 7 February 2021

But it's kinda risky

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