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Why is Nutrition important

Why is Nutrition important?

The world is now home to 1.2 billion people between the ages of 10 and 19. As the world collaborates in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic through preventative measures like lockdowns, many young people are staying home. . This means that they is a paradigm shift in nutrition-related behaviour, particularly how people consume and attain food. The ages between 10-19 years is when young people are nutritionally vulnerable because of the rapid physical growth during puberty that increases nutrient demands. At this stage, there is a risk of young people adopting behaviours which have implications on their wellbeing and growth. Wrong dietary behaviours if established in adolescence may contribute to nutrition-related problems that have consequences for long-term health.

Good nutrition or eating balanced meals ensures the body attains all the required nutrients in their right quantities. Good nutrition helps the immune system fight against infections. A strong

The immune system is crucial in helping the body fight the COVID-19 disease. Good nutrition also prevents malnutrition which can be one of the underlying conditions that can worsen illness.

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