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My Baby Sister

A New Baby Sister is about a toddler who is experiencing difficulties when his mother is expecting a new baby.


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Mum is having a new baby. Will I still be her baby? Mum draws me near, whispers in my ear. She says:“Tadi do not fear, you will always be my dear.”

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Mum is having a baby. Will Daddy still love me? Dad looks me in the eyes and gently holds my face and says, “Even with life a little different, no one can take your place”.

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Mum is having a new baby. Will the baby like me? I learn a song to sing to baby. It is all about how we will laugh and play. I will sing it to her every night. Our love will grow strong, day by day.

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Mum’s having a baby. Why is she going to the hospital? Gogo tells me a new baby is coming. We will go and see mum. We will take an apple, orange, banana and plum. Tasty fruits that will have her say yum yum yum.

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My baby sister is here. Why is she in my dish? My baby sister loves her bath. She likes when bubbles fly. I make silly faces and sing songs, then mum makes her nice and dry.

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My baby sister is crying. Who can play with me now? Mum says, “Come Tadi, and let us play, any game you want, we will do it your way. Dancing, skipping we can do it every day.”

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We were three and now we are four: mum, dad, my sister and me. I know my job is to help and play and we will be one happy family.

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Gud story for young children.


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Nice story ,so inspiring

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